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SAEP 2012 - Think you have what it takes?

It boasts a 95 percent UCI graduation rate. More than two-thirds of its 350 alumni have graduated from or are currently enrolled in graduate programs, public policy and public health programs, law school and/or teaching credential programs at Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan, University of Washington, UC Irvine and other prestigious institutions.


Miss out on the inaugural Dean's Distinguished Lecture? Check out video online

On January 25, Mohamed El-Erian launched the inaugural lecture of the School of Social Sciences Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series. The CEO and co-CIO of Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO), a Newport Beach-based investment firm which manages the world’s largest bond fund, El-Erian is a frequent commentator on the post-2008 financial crisis, the sovereign debt and Eurozone crisis, and political upheavals in the Middle East.


Breaking down the global financial crisis

As uncertainty simmers in Greece over how best to handle widespread financial crisis in the Eurozone, UC Irvine economist Stergios Skaperdas offers sobering advice: “Greece needs to default on its public debt and exit the Eurozone,” he told attendees late last year at an Athens conference hosted by The Economist. The strategy may prove prudent for others in the financially strapped 17-member-state union, he added.


McBride receives grants to outfit new experimental lab, launch initial studies

Michael McBride, economics associate professor, has received $489,000 in grant funding to outfit his newly launched Experimental Social Sciences Laboratory with state-of-the-art computer equipment and for initial experimental behavioral studies.


Staying true to her corps values

Global peace is more than an abstract concept to Elizabeth O’Malley ’78. Since graduating from UC Irvine with an anthropology degree, she has been fascinated by issues of cultural diversity, social change and how people of different backgrounds can work and thrive together.


Garfias recognized for contributions to ethnomusicology

Robert Garfias, anthropology professor and world renowned ethnomusicologist, is being recognized for his lifelong contributions to the study of musicians and their musical traditions.


Globalizing law

As the trial of Amanda Knox unfolded, cameras inside the Italian courtroom captured what was, for many Americans, their first look at proceedings in a foreign court. Though the countries’ legal systems differ in some respects, there are also important similarities – like due process in criminal trials, says UCI political science professor Wayne Sandholtz.


Highlighting hidden agendas

Sociology professor Francesca Polletta is working on a new study aimed at highlighting the assumptions that are often hidden in competing positions on controversial political issues.


UCI Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion awarded $4.17 million

UC Irvine’s Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion has received a $4.17 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to continue research on current and potential uses of mobile technology in providing banking and financial services to people in developing countries.

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