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Making a difference in Afghanistan

UCI IMTFI researcher Jan Chipchase studies Afghan monetary practices to learn how the emerging mobile money industry could make a lasting economic impactIf you’ve always had access to banking services, it’s hard to imagine how critical they are to leading secure, happy lives, says Jan Chipchase, a researcher with UCI’s Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion (IMT


Putting pen to paper

Freud practically invented it and Oprah has made a career out of it, but not everyone embraces talking their way to mental health. The role that culture plays in determining whether or not treatment will be successful prompted UC Irvine researchers to study a popular psychotherapy tool: expressive writing.


Making thought-based speech a reality

In 2008, UCI cognitive science professors Mike D’Zmura, Ramesh Srinivasan, Gregory Hickok and Kourosh Saberi were awarded $4 million from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative program to develop a communication system that would use thought rather than voice to communicate.


22 million bachelors looking for mates in China

From 2005-25, an expected 22 million Chinese bachelors looking for love will fail to find a mate, says UCI anthropologist Susan Greenhalgh, and it won’t be for lack of want.  The problem, she says, is a residual effect of the country’s more than 30-year-old one-child per couple policy, the highly successful national birth control measure which encouraged couples to eliminate daughters in an effort to end up with a son.


Research honors

Prospects for better employment may be the common driving force behind students’ college aspirations, but the key to keeping them connected and enrolled has a lot to do with peer-bonding experiences and organizational involvement, says UCI sociology graduate student Daisy Reyes.  According to her research, this is particularly true for ethnic minorities. 



“We can learn a lot by listening to people talk about their lives – saying whatever is important to them.  This is especially true in places where there are diverse points of view - like a university campus,” says UCI anthropologist and documentary photographer Frank Cancian. 


Sharing his philosophy

It's rather fitting that world-renowned philosopher Brian Skyrms occupies an office on the seventh floor of UC Irvine's Social Science Tower. The bearded professor is on a higher plane than most mortals — pondering life's deepest questions and framing complex theories about how we interact and communicate. "The theory of knowledge shouldn't be, 'Oh, how do we define knowledge?' It should be how information flows," Skyrms says.


UCI Graduate Division awards grants for social sciences research

Six social sciences graduate students have been recognized by the UCI Graduate Division for their research excellence.  Highlighted below, their work and continued funding for it, will advance academic findings on labor unions, human rights, social movements, public policies aimed at helping the elderly, and relationships between technology and economic growth.  


Pay in the public sector: Sun, salaries and public servants

From The Economist:
Governments in the rich world are taking the knife to the budgets, pay and pensions of state employees. But where to cut? A study by Jan Brueckner and David Neumark of the University of California, Irvine, finds that within America there may be more flab in public-sector pay packets in states like coastal California than wintry Wisconsin.

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