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Scholars discuss immigration


Scholars from across the world met Thursday at the Tempe campus to discuss immigration and its world impact as part of a two-day workshop.

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Prof. Garcia receives Stirling Prize from Society for Psychological Anthropology

Angela Garcia, anthropology assistant professor, has been awarded the Stirling Prize for Best Published Work in Psychological Anthropology by the Society for Psychological Anthropology of the American Anthropological Association. The award recognizes her study, "The Elegiac Addict: History, Chronicity, and the Melancholic Subject," in which she took an in-depth look at drug addiction and its root causes in the rural New Mexican landscape.


Greenhalgh’s Just One Child recognized by Society for Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology professor Susan Greenhalgh’s Just One Child: Science and Policy in Deng’s China has received an honorable mention from the Society for Cultural Anthropology’s inaugural Gregory Bateson Book Prize.  Reviewed positively in both Science and

Boellstorff’s Coming of Age in Second Life receives book award from Media Ecology Association

Tom Boellstorff, anthropology professor, has received the 2009 Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Culture from the Media Ecology Association for Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human.


Gone Hollywood

After years of cultivating her passion for interdisciplinary studies, recent UCI graduate Sheena Nahm today is flexing her academic research muscles in the entertainment capital of the world. Nahm, who received her Ph.D. in anthropology in June, is a research specialist for Hollywood, Health & Society, a program of the University of Southern California Annenberg Norman Lear Center.


Found in translation

When Tom Boellstorff, anthropology professor, published his first book, The Gay Archipelago: Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia, nearly four years ago, he did so knowing that many of the gay, lesbian and transgendered Indonesians who served as the subjects of his study wouldn't get to read his findings.  


HIV/AIDS in China

Around the world, hundreds of organizations are involved each day in on-going efforts to treat, prevent and ultimately eradicate HIV/AIDS. Elsa Fan, UCI anthropology graduate student and former United Nations Development Program (UNDP) worker, says that amidst these efforts, there may be conditions undermining crucial global health efforts.  


UCI Immigration Center earns university designation of organized research unit

How immigrants join and become part of the societies to which they migrate is one of the most critical issues facing the post industrial world, says Frank D. Bean, director of UCI's Center for Research on Immigration, Population and Public Policy.


Chavez investigates media portrayal of immigrants in new book, The Latino Threat

Why aren't Latinos learning English? Do they really want to take over the Southwestern United States? Political pundits have made their careers debating these questions, but UCI anthropology professor Leo Chavez provides answers and exposes myths in his latest book, The Latino Threat: Constructing Immigrants, Citizens and the Nation. Chavez recently spoke about immigration and the 2008 election, May Day rallies, and the surprising way Latino culture is changing American culture.


Anthropology in Second Life

Tom Boellstorff says his anthropological investigation was a hit in the virtual world.

"Once people knew I was interested in their Second Life experiences without needing to know about their physical lives, it was almost like I had people lining up."

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