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OC rep. Sanchez and Tran still locked in fierce battle

From Southern California Public Radio:
Louis DeSipio, an associate professor of political science at UC Irvine, said [Republican Assemblyman Van] Tran would have been a formidable candidate in any year but will present an even tougher challenge riding an expected Republican wave in this mid-term election. "And I think she saw Tran as a serious candidate back in the spring before the tidal wave against the Democrats started to form," DeSipio said, adding Tran benefits from being an elected representative and his life story as a Vietnamese immigrant.


The California Report election special

From The California Report:


Media and the 'Latin threat'

From the Providence Journal:


Latino votes could have large impact on election

From KPCC:
How does Whitman fair with Latinos? Are they going to have an impact on elections across the U.S.? Louis DeSipio, chair of the Chicano/Latino studies department at UC Irvine, joins us to let us know what we should look out for this upcoming election.

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Obama asks for the Latino vote

From El Pais:
"Latinos are treating the 2010 election more passively than they did the 2008 elections, in part out of disappointment with policies of the last two years," says Louis DeSipio, a professor at the University of California at Irvine who specializes in the Hispanic vote.

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Record numbers deported

From the Asian Journal:


Latinos straying from Meg Whitman despite unprecedented outreach effort

From ABC:
Louis Desipio, a political science professor at the University of California, Irvine, who has extensively researched Latino voting habits, said that [Meg] Whitman had clearly not "gotten cost effectiveness out of her money." In the last weeks of the race, Desipio said it was natural to see Latinos break for the Democratic candidate, but he noted that Whitman "hasn't done herself any service in the weeks since the revelation broke." He added that she needed to offer Latinos a clearer message about why they should vote for her.

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