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Latinos straying from Meg Whitman despite unprecedented outreach effort

From ABC:
Louis Desipio, a political science professor at the University of California, Irvine, who has extensively researched Latino voting habits, said that [Meg] Whitman had clearly not "gotten cost effectiveness out of her money." In the last weeks of the race, Desipio said it was natural to see Latinos break for the Democratic candidate, but he noted that Whitman "hasn't done herself any service in the weeks since the revelation broke." He added that she needed to offer Latinos a clearer message about why they should vote for her.


Sanchez vs. Van Tran – another Democratic seat up for grabs?

From Southern California Public Radio:


Analyzing the debate

From the California Report:


Campaign check: The Latino vote

From the California Report:
Today, our weekly "Campaign Check" series looks at the Latino vote. What are the Brown and Whitman campaigns doing to win it? We talk with Louis DeSipio, chair of the Chicano/Latino Studies Department at UC Irvine.


Blacks most targeted by hate crimes

From the OC Register:


Times Higher Education ranks UCI among world's top 50 universities

Times Higher Education has ranked UC Irvine 49th in its annual list of the world's top 200 universities, released today. Among social sciences programs ranked by the organization, UCI's School of Social Sciences came in 44th. The British magazine's 2010-11 World University Rankings are based on data provided by Thomson Reuters and an invitation-only reputation survey of more than 13,000 verified academics.

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