The Francisco J. Ayala Scholars were established in 2010 to honor the professional integrity, research accomplishments and dedication to the scientific investigation of ethical issues of Francisco J. Ayala, a founding member of the UCI Ethics Center. The Ayala Scholars will be awarded to young scholars,­ including UCI undergraduate students and high school students in the local community, who participate with distinction in the UCI Ethics Center intern program.  The honorific scholarships offer an intellectual community, involvement in scholarly projects with Ethics Center faculty, and professional mentoring for those interested in ethical concerns in any of the fields represented at the Ethics Center. Interested applicants should contact Sylvia Lotito, Program Manager, at, for details, including information on how to apply to become an Ethics Center intern and a Francisco J. Ayala Scholar. Contributions to the Francisco J. Ayala Scholars Program may be made via the e-giving link (at left on website) or directly to Sylvia Lotito, Ethics Center Program Manager, Social Science Plaza A, UCI, Irvine, CA 92697.

2017 Francisco Ayala Scholars

  • Richard Chung
  • Michelle Chung
  • Yunji Jong
  • Elham Kazemi
  • John Seong Joon Kim
  • Alvin Lee
  • Claire Lee
  • Zosia Macidg
  • Emeizmi Mandagi
  • Michaela Murphy
  • Shriya Padigepati
  • Stephanie Palmer
  • Danny Park
  • Christopher Pettit
  • Jemin Ryoo
  • Samuel Shih
  • Gurveer Singh
  • Johnny Tan
  • Hitomi Torng
  • Itzel Vazquez-Mora
  • Jun Yun


2016 Francisco Ayala Scholars

  • Caroline Cai
  • Ethan Davis
  • Sanjana Krishnan
  • Morgan Ma
  • Danya Rafiqi
  • Alex Zhao


2014 Francisco Ayala Scholars

  • Charmaine Archer
  • Silvia Avetisian
  • Eric Baldwin
  • Deborah Chan
  • Daniel Driscoll
  • Matin Eshaghi
  • GabrieL Forthal
  • Scott Jacobsen
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Alex Keena
  • Sabrina Liang
  • Tim Shieh
  • Liana Gheorma


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