In memory of Dr. Paul H. Silverman

Dr. Silverman held leadership positions in some of the world’s most prestigious universities, research centers and scientific companies. Born in Minneapolis, Silverman earned degrees in parasitology, immunology and genetics. Dr. Silverman helped the nation’s first human genome center in 1987. A member of UCI’s Department of Developmental and Cell Biology, Dr. Silverman was passionate about improving communication between scientists and the public.

Paul was a Renaissance man in addition to being a brilliant scientist, and his work through the Center focused on instilling reasoned discourse and scientific attitudes into matters concerning ethics and science.

The Paul H. Silverman Award Fund

To honor his life and his work, the UCI Interdisciplinary Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality has established the Paul H. Silverman Award Fund. The Paul H. Silverman Award will be given annually for outstanding work on science and ethics. Nominations may be sent to the Silverman Committee, care of the Center.

  • 2004-05 Recipients: F.Sherwood Rowland, Kimberly Anderson

  • 2005-06 Recipients: Jerome Tobis, Brian Skyrms

  • 2006-07 Recipients: Francisco Ayala, David Easton

  • 2007-08 Recipients: Ronald B. Miller

  • 2008-09 Recipients: Roxanne Cohen Silver

  • 2009-10 Recipients: Kristen R. Monroe

  • 2010-11 Recipients: Ronald Koons

  • 2011-12 Recipients:

  • 2012-13 Recipients:

  • 2013-14 Recipients: Johanna Shapiro

  • 2014-15 Recipients: Caroline Elkins, Michael Spezio 

  • 2015-16 Recipients: Margaret Gilbert, Lyndsey Christoffersen


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