Through a generous grant from Bettye Vaughen, the Center created an archive to document its activities and interviews.

Interviews from A Darkling Plain: Stories of Conflict and Humanity during War
(Cambridge University Press, 2014)
  1. Frank.Soldier in the Pacific 3 20 2013-1.doc
  2. Laura.Holocaust Survivor 5 12 2013.doc
  3. Gunther 3 20 2013.doc
  4. Mafalda 3 20 2013.doc
  5. Herb. Austrian Jewish Refugee. 5 12 2013.doc
  6. Grace 2 26 2013.doc
  7. Part 3 Frontmatter 6. 12 2013-1.doc
  8. Chris US Marine in Vietnam 5 213 2013.doc
  9. Tuan Vietnam 3 20 2013.doc
  10. Sara. Cambodia 6 12 2013.doc
  11. Kimberly. Cambodia 5 12 2013.doc
  12. Doc. Iraq. 6 12 2013.doc
  13. Sebastian. Iraq.3 20 2013.doc
  14. Rose and Armenian Genocide 5 12 2013.doc
  15. Ngugi.Mau Mau rebellion. 5 12 2013.doc
  16. Fabiola and the Nicaraguan Civil War 5 12 2013.doc
  17. Marie. Lebanese civil war. 5 12 2013.doc
  18. Okello .Idi Amin's Uganda. 5 12 2013.doc
  19. Reza and Afghanistan under the Soviets. 5 12 2013.doc
  20. Leyla. Iran 5 12 2013.doc 


Interviews with Emigres from The Third Reich
  1. Dorothea
  2. Sue Rudolph
  3. Gerda Lederer
  4. Millie Singer
  5. Roberta Sigel
Philanthropy and Altruism
  1. Bochove.1
  2. Bethka
  3. Bochove.2
  4. Crowley
  5. Wilhemina


Gender Discrimination in Academia
  1. Elinor Ostrom
  2. Helen Haste


Summaries of the papers presented at Center faculty meetings and abstracts of professional papers written by Center members are also available on request. Full copies of papers, books and video material also are available through the Vaughen Archives. Contact Sylvia Lotito, to get access to additional archive material.

The following talks are examples of the materials found in the Bettye Vaughen Archive:

  1. When is a Gene a Transcription Unit? PAUL H. SILVERMAN
  2. Societal and Psychological Foundations of Intractable Conflicts: The Psychological Earthquake in 2000, DANIEL BAR-TAL (Tel Aviv University)
  3. Understanding the Present Impasse in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  4. From Paul Silverman's Vision to the Frontier of Biology: Significant Influence of Uncertainty within Molecular Biology and Beyond the Scientist, ARNOLD GOODMAN
  5. The Truth and Reconciliation Movement in South Africa, WENDY YANG (UCI)
  6. Genetic and Hormonal Differences in Aggression in a Computer Simulation Game, ROSE McDERMOTT (UCSB, Brown U)



Scott is interested in international women's rights, the empowerment of women, and gender equality advocacy. His research project examines the national and international rights for women in regions and countries, their implementation in the society at the economic, educational, political, and social levels, and the relationship with the equality of access and outcome in the academic system in countries and regions within an international context.

Scott D. Jacobsen presents posters, panels, and papers independently and with varied research labs and groups. He coauthored two books entitled Inquiry: Musings from Mentorship and Rick G. Rosner: Collected Journal Writings. He works on two new books entitled Women of the Academy: Reflections, Biographies, and Insights from Female Academics and Tweets to the Universe. He published numerous articles in The Peak, The Ubyssey, In-Sight, Synapse, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and Noesis: The Journal of the Mega Society. Scott founded (2012), and works as the Editor-in-Chief for an independent interview-based journal, In-Sight: He sings bass in a university choir, performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and competes in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences including Harvard World MUN. If you want to contact Scott, you may inquire or comment through Scott Jacobsen at


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